Vintage Wedding Car Hire Oxfordshire



Seating capacity is up to four adults - with one sitting in the front seat. 

It is possible to seat three on the rear seat although it's a little tight for larger folk or two people on the rear seat with one using one of the two fold down jump 

seats but with limited leg room. 

The two fold down jump seats in the rear compartment pull out from behind the driver's bulkhead partition which can be used for two little ones travelling back with you. Not really enough room for two additional adults! 

Optional fully convertible or normal saloon:

An advantage of the Cabriolet body design of this particular Rolls Royce is its versatility in that the top is easily folded down which transforms the car into a full convertible, making the ride and experience even more special, especially in good weather. Plus, being able to wave to the congregation and passers by. Great for photos!

Pictures above show both top up and down options with the drivers roof also rolled back when the top is up but this can also be open or closed.

For added privacy, a full length glass partition window can be raised or lowered between the driver and rear compartment.

There are also discreet place holders with the original 1928 miniature twisted cord microphone to talk to the driver, appointments book, vanity mirror and crystal perfume spray bottle!