The Vintage Rolls Royce

This 1928 Rolls-Royce 'Twenty' Cabriolet by Mulliner available for Wedding Car Hire in Oxfordshire has been in our family for over 50 Years. Vintage wedding car hire Oxfordshire and classic car rentals for weddings has been graced with the addition of this Vintage Rolls Royce in and around The Cotswolds.

For Vintage Rolls Royce wedding car hire, our Rolls comes with a very smart chauffeur who will help to make your day truly memorable.

The car can seat up to four adult passengers or just the bride and groom. Two fold-down jump seats can be used to accommodate two little ones if needed for bridesmaids etc.

Top down or top up? The Vintage Rolls Royce can have the top folded down or left up as a saloon to suit the occasion and the weather of course!  So arrive with the top up to save your hair and leave with top down so you don't miss anything, enjoy the surroundings and let everyone see you!

The Vintage Rolls Royce is still in its original condition and never fails to turn heads. It provides the perfect, classy icon for the photographs of your special day.


Vintage WEdding car Hire Oxfordshire, for Proms, special occasions, Film or TV WORK

1928 Rolls Royce 'Twenty' With ChaufFeUr covering The Cotswolds and Oxfordshire 


​​​​Vintage Rolls Royce Wedding Hire Oxfordshire

Thanks Jeff!

"What a fantastic vintage Rolls Royce for our wedding car we loved it and so nice dealing with you, made our wedding day so so special." - Matt and Fran

Vintage Wedding Car Hire Oxfordshire

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Film and TV Work 

This 1928 Rolls-Royce model has been used in many films such as 'The Kings Speech' and TV dramas such as 'Downton Abbey'.

Our Rolls was filmed for an episode of USA's FOX Business News TV 's 'Strange Inheritance' in Bampton for a 'Downton-esque' story. 

See Show Host celebrity Jamie Colby